Pre-Boarding Checklist

Prior to boarding at Two Rock Dog Ranch, dogs must pass a mandatory evaluation to be sure they are comfortable and safe with a group of dogs off leash.

Please note: Due to the new Canine Influenza Virus and vaccine-resistant kennel coughs being present in our area, we have a new request. We’re asking clients to please not have your dog in any doggie group activities for a period of two weeks before visiting us.

This is the absolute most effective way (much more so than vaccines) to be sure that no dogs check in while incubating a contagious virus.

Thank You!

Check-ins only: Please arrive 30 minutes prior to office closing times.

Who's ready for Two Rock Dog Ranch? We are! Photo © Two Rock Dog Ranch
Who’s ready for Two Rock Dog Ranch? We are! Photo © Two Rock Dog Ranch

Is your dog ready for the Ranch? Here is what he or she will need:

1. Proof of vaccinations and negative giardia test results.

All dogs must have proof of current vaccinations prior to entering our facility:

  • Bordetella (kennel cough) – we require this vaccination every six months.
  • DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza) – annual or every three years.
  • CIV (Canine Influenza Virus)
  • Rabies Vaccination Certificate.

In addition to our vaccine policy, we require lab results from an annual giardia test for boarding and day care dogs. You will need to provide your veterinarian with a fresh sample of your dog’s stool. If the test is positive, medication to treat giardia may be prescribed by your veterinarian. Your dog may need to be retested before entering our facility. We require a negative giardia lab result to be emailed to us annually.

We prefer that your vet email your dog’s most recent vaccination records and Giardia test results directly to us in advance of your dog’s visit.

Dogs should be on a monthly topical flea prevention program, such as Advantage or Frontline.

Please note: All dogs age six months and older must be spayed or neutered prior to entering our facility.

Please note: If your dog has not boarded or attended day care with us for one year or more, you will need to schedule an Overnight Evaluation in order to stay during a holiday or other peak time.

2. Pre-measured, individually packaged meals

Dogs receive two meals every day. Please provide your dog’s regular food, pre-measured and separated into individual Ziploc-type bags for each meal. You are welcome to bring canned or other food to supplement your dog’s meals. Please include powders and other dry supplements pre-measured in the same bag as the kibble.

Pre-Boarding Checklist: Meals should be pre-measured and individually packaged.
Pre-Boarding Checklist: Please provide your dog’s regular food, pre-measured and separated into individual Ziploc-type bags for each meal. Photo © Two Rock Dog Ranch

If you prefer, we offer premium kibble for purchase ($2 per meal) during your dog’s visit.

3. Flea prevention

We ask that you apply a topical flea treatment (such as Advantage or Frontline) to your dog, or give your dog on an oral flea treatment (such as Comfortis tablets) prior to his/her visit with us. If fleas are found on your dog while boarding or attending day care at Two Rock Dog Ranch, we will first bathe your dog to remove the parasites and then apply a topical flea treatment in order to prevent fleas from spreading to our other guests. The bath plus $15 for the topical will be added to your bill.

4. Medication (if needed) and instructions

If your dog will require prescription medication during his or her stay with us, please let us know when you make reservations or at check-in. We can administer the following types of medication for your dog:

  • Pills and capsules
  • Liquids
  • Topicals
  • Eye drops/ointment
  • Ear cleansing/drops

There is a $2.00 daily charge for administering medications.

Welcome to your dog's idea of a great time!