Looking for safe, fun dog boarding in the San Francisco Bay Area? Come to Two Rock Dog Ranch! Photo © Two Rock Dog Ranch
Looking for safe, fun dog boarding in the San Francisco Bay Area? Come to Two Rock Dog Ranch! Photo © Two Rock Dog Ranch

Please note: Due to the new Canine Influenza Virus and vaccine-resistant kennel coughs being present in our area, we have a new request. We’re asking clients to please not have your dog in any doggie group activities for a period of two weeks before visiting us.

This is the absolute most effective way (much more so than vaccines) to be sure that no dogs check in while incubating a contagious virus.

Thank You!

How do I schedule a tour of Two Rock Dog Ranch and an evaluation for my dog?

We’d love to meet you and show you our facility. Tours are given by appointment between 9:15 and 10:00 am,  Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. (Sorry, no tours on Sundays.) If your dog is staying for an evaluation, we ask that you leave your dog in the car while you first take a tour, then we’ll bring your dog inside and get him/her started integrating into a play group.

Please note: We are sometimes booked several weeks out for evaluation appointments.

Do I need to to provide proof of current vaccinations and giardia test results before bringing my dog for an evaluation?

Yes. Prior to your dog’s evaluation appointment, we will need the following: 1) proof of current rabies, DHPPV, and CIV vaccinations; 2) proof of bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination given within the last six months; and 3) fecal test results showing your dog has tested negative for giardia.

What time should I bring my dog on check-in day?

Please arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to office closing times. If your dog will be checking in Monday through Saturday, please arrive no later than 5:30 pm. On Sundays, please arrive no later than 2:30 pm.

What will my dog be doing at Two Rock Dog Ranch?

Our canine guests reside in supervised groups based on temperament, size, and activity level. During the day, dogs play and nap in their groups. They can choose to be indoors or outdoors, with no enforced nap time. We provide plenty of comfy dog beds and blankies if they would like to snooze. High-energy dogs get plenty of exercise in our large fenced yards. Laid-back dogs and senior canines explore the grounds at their own pace. Whether their day is filled with with high-speed games of chase or leisurely sniffing expeditions — or both! — our canine guests are relaxed and tired at bedtime.

Dogs socialize at their own pace at Two Rock Dog Ranch. © Two Rock Dog Ranch
Dogs socialize at their own pace at Two Rock Dog Ranch. © Two Rock Dog Ranch

What about mealtimes?

Dogs receive two meals every day. Breakfast is at 8:00 am and dinner is at 6:00 pm. Please provide your dog’s regular food, pre-measured and separated in Ziploc-type bags or individual washable containers for each meal. You may also bring canned or other food to supplement your dog’s meals. We also offer premium kibble for purchase during your dog’s visit.

Why would I choose Two Rock Dog Ranch instead of another ‘group play’ facility?

Our canine guests enjoy human companionship from 7:00 am until 10:00 pm. We are petting them, talking to them, and playing with them. We do not crate or confine dogs during the day, except for mealtimes. They are socializing and exercising in their special groups all day. If dogs want to nap or rest, they can do so whenever and wherever they want to, in a variety of locations. The dogs also enjoy two and a half hours of off-leash time after dinner. Dogs are monitored on closed circuit television while they sleep.

Dogs reside in groups based on size, temperament, age and activity level. Photo © Two Rock Dog Ranch
Dogs reside in groups based on size, temperament, age and activity level. Photo © Two Rock Dog Ranch

Can I put my own dog in a group myself and watch her with the other dogs?

Sorry, no. Since dogs often behave differently in the presence of their owners, all introductions at Two Rock Dog Ranch are done by a team of two dog handlers who interpret, monitor, and evaluate the dynamics of the dogs as they interact. Other dogs may also behave differently with a stranger observing them and this may also affect the group. A dog is introduced into a playgroup by meeting one dog first, then two, and so on, until he/she is integrated into the playgroup. It is important to evaluate how a dog interacts over the course of a few hours, since dogs may react differently as they adjust to a new environment.

My dog goes to a dog park — isn’t this the same thing?

No, boarding in a group environment is not the same thing as going to a dog park. Some dog parks can be a terrific place for dogs to mingle for an hour or two. However, dog parks are not typically supervised by people who are trained to identify and redirect potential behavioral issues. For example, a wagging tail may not necessarily indicate kindly intentions. Mounting is rarely sexual; it is more likely a challenge (often by an insecure dog) and repeated mounting can even escalate into a serious fight. Sadly, dogs have been seriously injured and even killed at dog parks because of unsupervised dogs and inexperienced dog owners.

We have two dogs — does this mean they are socialized?

Not necessarily. Two or more dogs in a household have their place in the “pack’s” pecking order and are comfortable with that. Dogs may react differently to animals that are not part of their pack. Some dogs are aggressive or fearful in this situation, while others are friendly and social. An evaluation over the course of several hours will be a good indicator of a dog’s response to a group environment.

Where do the dogs sleep at night?

Dogs sleep in their crates at night. They use the same crate through out their stay, and enjoy their crate as their own private space. Elderly dogs, arthritic dogs, and those who experience crate anxiety or other issues, sleep in an individual “suite.” We have plenty of clean, cozy bedding. If you prefer, you may bring your dog’s bedding for his or her crate or suite.

What about nighttime temperatures?

Our well-insulated facility is heated at night and on days that are chilly. Our small dog and senior dog areas are especially cozy. Dogs that are used to living indoors stay comfortable here at Two Rock Dog Ranch.

Can you give medication to my dog?

Yes. Please provide specific instructions and we will take care of administering your dog’s medication. A daily fee is applied for oral or topical medications, or injections if required.

Welcome to your dog's idea of a great time!