Dog Day Care

Experts agree that one of the best outlets for all that doggie energy is playing with other dogs.

Please note: Due to the new Canine Influenza Virus and vaccine-resistant kennel coughs being present in our area, we have a new request. We’re asking clients to please not have your dog in any doggie group activities for a period of two weeks before visiting us.

This is the absolute most effective way (much more so than vaccines) to be sure that no dogs check in while incubating a contagious virus.

Thank You!

Dog Day Care is available at Two Rock Dog Ranch on a “drop-in” basis Monday through Saturday; all health requirements must be current (vaccinations and giardia lab results). There is no day care on Sunday. All dogs are required to pass our mandatory evaluation before attending day care. Your dog will enjoy an active day without spending a moment alone – and you’ll come home to a calm, relaxed dog!

Dog day care at Two Rock is a safe, fun way for your dog to get exercise! © Two Rock Dog Ranch
Dog day care at Two Rock is a safe, fun way for your dog to get exercise! © Two Rock Dog Ranch
  • Running, exploring, relaxing and lots of friends!
  • Indoor and outdoor play areas
  • Climbing structures, sandboxes, and wading pools
  • Dog beds and blankies
  • Cuddles and hugs every day (our staff’s favorite part of the day!)

Doggie Day Care is an outstanding way for your puppy or shy dog to gain socialization experience, become more confident and learn canine manners – all in a supervised and safe environment.

  • Dogs are accompanied by handlers at all times.
  • Laid-back dogs and senior canines explore the grounds at their own pace.
  • High-energy dogs get plenty of exercise in our large fenced yards.
  • Special indoor activities on rainy days.
Dogs enjoy lots of companionship and exercise while boarding with us. © Two Rock Dog Ranch
Dogs enjoy companionship all day at dog day care. © Two Rock Dog Ranch

Welcome to your dog's idea of a great time!