About Us

Two Rock Dog Ranch owners Sue and Richard Harris had a vision: a dog boarding and day care facility that would be the happiest possible place for a dog to stay.

A place where …

  • Dogs can run, wrestle, and play with other dogs all day long – and NEVER feel alone.
  • Dogs can explore off-leash, climb, splash and sniff to their heart’s content.
  • Dogs are free to nap indoors or out whenever they want.
  • Every dog is cared for by dog-loving humans at all times.
  • A place where a dog can be a dog.

In 2003, that vision became a reality when the Sue and Richard opened Cotati Dog Boarding, which they renamed Two Rock Dog Ranch in 2009.

Welcome to your dog’s idea of a great time: Two Rock Dog Ranch!

Sue Harris, Owner

Dogs, cats, horses … this has been Sue’s life and her love since she was old enough to speak. Sue grew up with a deep love of animals instilled by her parents. She has worked professionally with dogs for over 30 years in grooming shops and kennels as both employee and owner. Sue’s skills in handling dogs and her understanding and love of dogs are extraordinary.

Richard Harris, Owner

Richard also grew up with parents who shared their love of animals with him. Richard started training dogs at the age of 9 in 4H. He continued in 4H showing his dogs in obedience at State Fairs. In addition to training dogs in obedience, he bred, raised and trained various herding breeds. In the rural area of Colorado where he grew up, his working dogs performed a valuable service for his neighbors and Richard developed an outstanding reputation with his dogs. Richard’s close relationship with dogs is a wonderful thing to see — a source of great happiness both for Richard and the dogs in his life.

Welcome to your dog's idea of a great time!