Effective Immediately: Canine Influenza Vaccine Requirement

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We want to inform our clients that the Canine Influenza vaccine – which covers both the H3N8 and H3N2 viruses – is now a requirement for all of our canine guests.

This is a series of two vaccines given two to four weeks apart.

The virus’ impact on dogs is much the same as with a person that gets a bad flu. The symptoms are consistent with a respiratory infection, coughing, sneezing and possible elevated temperatures.

Most dogs who “catch” the flu will simply be sick for a week or so, but dogs with compromised immune systems from age or illness may face life threatening impacts. Any dog who exhibits symptoms should be seen by a veterinarian immediately and separated from other dogs.

In an effort to be proactive in reducing the risk of the virus spreading, we here at Two Rock Dog Ranch are implementing an immediate mandatory requirement that dogs are current on the CIV vaccine which covers both H3N8/H3N2 viruses.

We want you to know that if a dog does display respiratory illness while in our care, we will get the dog to a vet right away. We will request the dog remain isolated at a veterinarian clinic since we do not have quarantine capability. We will let the owner or any emergency contact know about the situation so that they can set up both the billing and the care of their dog with the clinic directly.

We will continue to do all that is possible to maintain the safest facility available, and we will continue to always put the health and happiness of your dog as our absolute top priority.

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